Saturday, February 6, 2010

His & Hers Valentines Day Ideas

It doesn't take alot to make valentines day special, and even if it is a marketing scam, I believe it can be done with a low cost and a great impact. Here are some ideas I've either done or have considered. I hope you enjoy.

1. Create a scrap book or photo album of memories, letter and pictures for your loved one.

2. Buy them tickets to an event (movie, play, sports game, etc...)

3. Print out the lyrics to a love song and personalize the lyrics with his/her name.

4. Creat a CD for him/her with songs they would enjoy (they don't always have to be love songs).

5. All Day V-Day Gift- Create a list of things that are "favorites" of your loved one. (ex. candy(purchase it), song (play it or print lyrics), actor (find the movie), singer (contact their management and get them to call in---this really did work for me), meal (cook it or take them somewhere that makes it) and throughout the day surprise them with something that is connected to all of their favorite things. (this went over very well for me when I tried it).

6.Love Letter or Poem- these are old school but still effective. You can write just one special one, or you can write a few and give them to your significant other throughout the day in special places or at special moments.

7. A personal foot bath (doesn't cost much and is spiritual as well as physically relaxing). You can add a personal touch to this with prayer, reading a scripture etc... If you don't feel comfortable, or if your valentine needs more work on those tootsies than you can provide----send them to a professional.

8. Hike, bike ride, walk or drive the blue-ridge mountains- for the outdoors person you may want to try one of these. You can add pazzaz to it by doing a homemade picnic at the end.

9. Purchase a cheap handheld planner (rip out Jan. so it begins with February)- personalize it for your valentine. This can be done several ways for each month entry- add scripture, put in date nights, write in old memories (anniversary, first kiss, first date, day you became an offical couple, date of engagement etc....)

10. Nothing says Valentines Day like sweet treats- personally make cookies, cupcakes, a cake, chocolate candies, a jello mold (for the non-baker) and surprise your valentine with it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Out with the Old, Cherishing the New

On my trip to michigan this past week my mom reminded me that there was an old trunk of belongings of mines in one of the back rooms. Since they had been cleaning out everything she requested that I take the my old materials with me. When I got home to Virginia, I started to go through some of the items and found my old diary. This diary was written in 1999-2000. Funny thing is, I remember writting the diary and saying to myself on various occasions how excited I would be to read everything I had written 10-15 years down the road. I started with the first page and quickly thumbed through every entry I had written. My oh my how I have matured over the years. Instead of being excited I was quite disappointed with what was written. Various complaints about my parents (typical highschool freshmen), remarks about boys that I would talk to (typical boy crazed teenager), and plenty of profanity (typical hot head teen). It was interesting to reminice on my best friends first pregnancy and abortion; the many times I wouold be caught up in arguments envious school mates; and the new friendships I was able to make my first year in high school. Toward the end of the journal I began to see a transition of my faith and when I began to get serious about my walk with the Lord. I began to write more about messages I heard preached from the pulpit, people who inspired me, and even confessions about my shortcomings. After finishing the entire journal, I decided that I would not hold on to those tokens of the I ripped out every page and threw it in the trash. I am greatful for the reminder of how I have matured over the years, but I honestly and more interested in seeing what the future holds ahead than looking behind me. In the end, I have no regrets and I am living every day in full optimism of what the Lord has in store.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cry for Haiti

After the recent events from this past week my heart has been broken over what is happening in Haiti. It assures me of the truth that this world is temporary and is subject to God's authority. All around our world we see things happening that remind us (humans) that we don't have as much control on things as we would like to have. I willingly acknowledge that God is running things. Have you done the same?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bear one anothers Burdens ;) Don't Give up.

When I think of bearing one anothers burdens according to Galatians chapter 6, to me, it means to help others carry the load. This year for 2009 I have made a decision to not get tired in helping specific people carry the load. Here are some examples of what I am talking about. I have a very close relative who has been in a group home since the age of twelve. She is now going on 17 years old. She has been moved around, physically restrained, given court dates, run away, and withheld some humane privledges. She can only recieve certain things in the mail from me, and I am unable to call her. She has to call me. Sometimes I get frustrated because when she has time to call, I am usually tied up with something. And let's not even touch on the fact that she has a livid temper and most of her consequences are due to her own actions. Here's the bottom line for me though, this family member doesn't have many people to call or depend on, so if the minimum that I have to do is to answer the phone and have a 5 minute conversation with her (since that is all she is allowed) then maybe I need to set aside my own priorities for a greater good.

I also have a family member that was recently locked up. Although he probably deserved to be locked up, he is innocent until proven guilty (if you are like me sometimes you may give people their jail sentence before hearing the whole story). It's not that I beared his burden through paying for a lawyer, or going to visit him (lives a few states away). My husband and I decided to pray for him together and keep up with the proceedings from his court case. I think that the comfort his parents have in knowing that we sincerly care has made a huge difference. That is the true essence of bearing one anothers burdens.

Lastly, I have a very good friend of mines that has had a very rocky ride through school. She has cried, complained, become isolated and had to pull herself together from depression over the past 2 years. I cannot study for her, give her a hug whenever she needs it, or giving her the passing grade that she needs. But I do believe that a text during a rough day, a prayer, a card in the mail, or a checkup on important dates when big exams or papers are due always mean so much to her.

Bearing one anothers burdens is not about taking the load from people all the times, because if you can relate, you probably don't have the resources or energy to do double duty. But, you can take on the mentality that no matter what your friends or family members go through that you will be there for them and help out when you can. Sometimes this is in a small way, but the effect is great. Who is it in your life that you are slowly giving up on? who is that you have begun to doubt that anything good will or can come out of them? Last time I checked all things were possible with God. Don't give up so easy. You may just have the word of wisdom, the prayer, the letter, the song, or be the company they need in order to get rid of that load they have been carrying.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Reading does the mind and body Good!!!

Just finished my first book of 2010 by reading Building a Successful Family by Dr. Jerry Pipes. I was never an avid reader, but after graduating from college I got pretty bored with never being assigned to read or write anything. Now I find myself fulfilled with more self education than anything. My interests range from great bigraphies, to self help books, books of the bible (of course), financial management books, books on world religons, and especially more modern reads dealing with our changing culture. I find it intriguing to thumb through other peoples thoughts and creativity. You never know what you can learn until you show that you are open to learning. My goal for 2010 is to have a constant book in rotation. Last year the goal was to read 1 book a month, but I literally excelled that by reading almost 30 books in one year (and this is with having spurts of not reading at all). I'm up for a new challenge in my life. To always have a book on hand that I am in the process of reaidng without giving myself a certain number to see how far I can get. This challenge is not for everybody, but I do believe that knowledge is power.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New, Nu, Pnu, Knew 2010

Welcome to my first New, knew, Nu blog for 2010. I decided to jump on this opportunity since for the past 7 months I have been tracking other people's blogs. I never really thought about starting one, but now I am excited. I am sure I will take many people on an adventure with me in 2010 so be expectant of great things with me.

My short list: 25 years old, married, working, educated, in love with family dynamics, community, and discipleship.

Yay for me in trying New, Nu, Knew things in 2010 ;)